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seaside in Tuscany in spring

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Primavera al mare in toscana

Seaside in Tuscany in spring

You are a lover of Tuscany and its sea and fresh air, why not stay at the seaside in Tuscany in spring. The Etruscan Coast is the ideal destination in spring, because it offers many possibilities to venture out and discover it; let yourself be enchanted by its sea and the hinterland: vineyards and hills, air full of scents of the Mediterranean scrub, places full of tranquility. Holidays to do with family or friends. Multiple itineraries to do on foot, by mountain bike and, why not, on horseback. If you want to organize spring holidays by the sea in Tuscany we are in Val di Cornia. The Antico Borgo Casalappi Holiday Home is a place to stay to get to know this area, also characterized by a clear sea with beautiful beaches also surrounded by dense patches of vegetation. Exploring the coast you will find everything: coasts of fine and clear sand to beaches with dark sand up to the wild cliffs of the promontory of Piombino; from immense free beaches, where you can find little influx of people, to those equipped … the Sterpaia Park with the beaches of Carbonifera and Torre Mozza, Rimigliano, the Gulf of Baratti are all easily accessible from Antico Borgo Casalappi.
Places where there is no shortage of opportunities for water sports. In fact, you can have fun surfing, sailing and snorkeling, admire the marine flora and fauna, indulge in a nice swim in a fresh and blue sea and in spring at the sea. Favorite place of the Etruscans where they left evident traces of their civilization as can be seen from the necropolis located in the Gulf of Baratti, where you can discover an enormous quantity of finds, located at the foot of Populonia, their only city on the sea. They are fascinating and mysterious areas for a beach holiday or not, because from one hill to the other between one hill and another you can find ancient perched villages full of wonderful views and surrounded by ancient walls. It is a treasure to be discovered in a world far away in time, but whose traces have remained intact and still visible to our eyes … Suvereto, Campiglia, Sassetta, Piombino, Castagneto Carducci: these are just some of the destinations to visit, explore , live! They are places rich in history and food and wine specialties, seafood or land dishes to be accompanied with the good wine of the area; in fact, the wine and oil road pass through here. Come and taste the wines right where they are born, testing the links with the gastronomy of our land and its typical products: extra virgin olive oil, honey and other beekeeping products, wood-fired bread, cheeses , cured meats, preserves … At the ancient Borgo Casalappi we can organize wine tastings for you and suggest where to buy all the delicacies of this area. If you are a couple and want to relax, choose Venturina with its spa, and you will treat yourself to a moment of regenerating pampering, including the thermarium, some massages and a romantic dinner. And with the whole family, why not pay a visit to the San Silvestro Archaeological Mines Park: get on the train leaving for the depths of the mines! .